Messengers Of Metal
George Harder's True Metal Orchestra

The Messengers Of Metal is a heavy metal band formed by George Harder in 1987.

Passing through massive lineup and style changes, they created four circles (two of them are still unreleased), and more than 30 songs.

Site Blog

Hi! I'm a webmaster of this site. As you see here the process started, but the site is far far away from complete stage. Changes will happen from time to time, but because Messengers Of Metal (unfortunately) is not my main project, do not expect too much at a time. If you've got any comments or questions, feel free to mail me: info(at)

2023-08-22 Re-3 for Evil Rock and Roll completed.

2023-06-23 Re-3 for The Death completed.

2022-12-07 New site development has began.

2022-11-01 Re-3 for Ways of Vengeance completed.

2022-06-21 The new logo is here! This is official Messengers Of Metal logo since now and it replaces all old logos that may exist. There are two logo versions: horizontal and compact. The "n" in Messengers are is typed differently in different versions, and "r" in Messengers and "l" in Metal are forged together in the compact versions of the logo. Enjoy!

2022-06-21 The Re-3 is going on despite of all barriers.

2021-07-09 Re-3 for Find Your Way completed.

2021-03-29 Re-3 for Sign of Reign completed.

2021-02-24 The new epic process called Re-3 has started! Soon you will find out how this is connected to lyrics release. Stay tuned!

2021-02-23 Celebrating the 10-th anniversary of Forligh circle, the publishing of all the lyrics has started!

2017-12-06 The bell rings. All exits are locked. There's no escape. It's time to face your enemies, fears, and zombies.

2017-04-30 The circle was closed...

2017-03-14 Years are passing by...

2016-01-17 Lyrics will be available soon. Stay tuned!

2015-01-09 MusicBrainz, SoundCloud

2014-07-27 Still here.

2013-07-07 Soon will be explained what the difference between album and circle is.

2012-03-04 Full name of the Messengers Of Metal is the Messengers Of Metal - George Harder's True Metal Orchestra.

2011-10-24 Full name of the Messengers Of Metal will be revealed soon! The most curious can spot the founder's name right now!

2011-07-23 Meet the band members at MySpace:

2011-02-23 An instrumental version of the second circle, Forligt, was released.

2011-02-11 It's time to hold the next circle revision. The last one was held near 12 years ago, in 1999. An agenda will contain at least one issue: include the Fight! song into the Forlight circle.

2010-09-25 We've got something awesome! Some studio tapes considered to be lost forever were accidentally found. Now searching for a tape recorder able to play it. As we guess, we've got some jam sessions, rehersal recordings and maybe orchestrated instrumentals.

2010-05-07 Site changes. Blog was added. The site is available to crawlers. Now all band crew is collecting content to be published here.

2009-05-05 Domain registered.

2008-12-11 An instrumental version of the first circle, Sign Of Reign, was released.

2008-10-11 The band's name is again MESSENGERS OF METAL. The band founder says:

Again and again I return to the roots of my spirit. I am absolutely sure that the "new" old name will express the deal I have done through all my years:

Messengers Of Metal

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